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What makes a successful non-profit organization? Why do some succeed in achieving their missions while so many others struggle? Anyone who has served a non-profit organization as a senior staff member or volunteer leader appreciates that the management challenges are daunting. While there can be many underlying reasons, the fact is that almost every non-profit operates with very limited resources, human and financial,  and a slim margin for error.   

The successful non-profit organization is one that understands the complex mosaic of mission, values, tradition, culture, leadership, sound management, public acceptance, and adequate human and financial resources that must form the basis for success. A shortcoming in any of these will inevitably challenge organizational health and viability.

Click on our West Avenue Associates informational brochure, as well as our ROAR brochure, which describes our  unique service which many organizations have found particularly helpful.  Our broad service offerings, a thorough review of ROAR, our leadership and associates, a sample of organizations served, and testimonials. each have their own page(s).

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What makes a successful consulting relationship? West Avenue Associates brings uncommon experience working with a remarkable range of non-profit and for-profit organizations and companies. We are especially well-equipped to provide counsel at the intersection of professional and volunteer leadership. We work diligently at developing candid, trusting relationships with leadership that can lead the way to reasoned strategic thinking and planning, financial discipline, effective marketing, fundraising, staffing, and sustainable organizational development...in other words............SUCCESS.

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The work of West Avenue Associates was invaluable in helping our Board of Directors proceed with plans to prepare for a comprehensive campaign to reposition and strengthen the Boys and Girls Clubs of Metro Richmond for the coming years. Their experience, and ability to gain the trust and confidence of our Board leaders and staff was truly exceptional. Using the firm’s ROAR approach at the outset, they delivered a detailed report with recommendations in only three months, allowing us to build consensus rapidly on the critical next steps leading to a campaign. BGCMR would simply not have been able to accomplish this without the tremendous assistance of West Avenue Associates. It is an exceptional firm that brings remarkable experience to greater Richmond’s non-profit community.
— Todd McFarlane, President and CEO, Boys and Girls Clubs of Metro Richmond