ROAR – Rapid Organizational Assessment Report

An Efficient and Affordable Tool to Promote Non-profit Success

What is ROAR?

ROAR is a tightly-focused, objective assessment of an organization's capacity to achieve its mission and near-term strategic goals.

ROAR offers...

Competitive pricing with a negotiated fixed fee, ensuring a manageable expense.
Quick Turnaround, usually within 12 weeks from beginning to conclusion.
Complete Data Assessment of budgets, fund-raising results, membership trends, etc...
In-Depth Interviews with board/volunteer leadership, staff leadership, other key stakeholders.
Written evaluation shared with Board Chair and CEO.
Recommendations for next steps for success.

Why do it?

Your non-profit organization (NPO) is contemplating a fund-raising campaign.
Your NPO is experiencing a major transition in professional and/or voluntary leadership.
Your NPO is experiencing worrisome staff and volunteer turn-over.
Your NPO is concerned about downward trends in supporting revenues from various sources.
Your NPO wants to revisit its strategic plan and evaluate progress towards stated goals.
Your NPO wants to use ROAR findings as the basis for a board or staff retreat.                                                         Your NPO  wants an assessment of its current fund-raising efforts.                                                                        Your NPO wants a critique of its current marketing efforts.

And............countless other good reasons.

We selected West Avenue Associates to assess FeedMore’s current marketing programs and efforts. In our view, their ROAR service is ideal for this assignment. It is targeted, thorough, efficient and affordable. From start to finish, it will allow us to present a full report to our Board in less than three months.
— Doug Pick, CEO, FeedMore, Inc.

How it works

WAA requests information from your organization: budget; strategic plan; organizational chart, including tenures; board roster with titles and committees; communications samples, membership and fund-raising data and other performance measures.

WAA then conducts personal and confidential consultations with: 

  • The president/CEO, board chair and other selected volunteer leaders;  
  • chief financial officer, chief marketing/communications officer, chief development officer,  other selected staff members; and,
  • key constituents including  customers, donors, patrons and others who have benefited from the organization.

WAA presents draft report to president/CEO and board chair.
Final report and recommendations delivered and, if requested, presented to full board and staff.

The Board of Directors of the Virginia War Memorial Foundation needed to review its existing strategic plan and adopt a number of changes. The ROAR report delivered by West Avenue Associates was extremely helpful in sharpening our goals and efforts for the next few years. On our own, this review process would have taken many months and great effort on the part of our volunteers and staff. The ROAR assessment was worth every penny.
— John G. Hekman, RADM (Ret), Executive Director, Virginia War Memorial Educational Foundation