Our Terms


Contracted Projects:   The firm may be engaged to conduct a specific project usually within a defined period of time.  Examples includes program reviews, strategic planning studies, management and/or organizational reviews, campaign feasibility studies, campaign counsel,  and Board/volunteer self-assessments.  Fees for such services are based upon the amount of time actually required of consulting staff needed for the collection and analysis of all relevant information, interviews with key stakeholders (professional, voluntary and others), report preparation and presentation.  Proposals for such assignments will provide a reasonable estimate of such expenses, which may not reflect the final cost incurred.  

Rapid Organizational Assessment Reports (ROAR):   ROAR projects are short-term (10-12 weeks) engagements that focus on specific management issues requiring immediate attention.  A fixed fee is negotiated for each project, regardless of the time required to complete the assignment.  One half of the negotiated fee is payable upon the execution of a contract with the balance due upon the presentation of the final report to management. Incurred expenses are billed monthly.

On-Site Management:   In some cases, clients request continuous, on-site supervision of fundraising programs and related activities.  Contracts for such engagements are negotiated independently.  In most cases, WAA expects at least a 6 month contract for such services.

Ongoing Consultation:    The firm may be retained on a continuing basis with the payment of a monthly retainer; the retainer is not applicable against subsequent consulting activity and expenses.  As requested by the client, professional consulting support of any form initiated by the client is then provided on an hourly or daily basis for services rendered.  Consulting fees are charged in not less than 30 minute increments. The suggested minimum length of such engagements is 12 months, renewable upon mutual consent.

General Terms:    In all engagements, clients are charged for customary business-related expenses including travel, accommodations, meals, printing,  and postage/delivery charges. Appropriate documentation of expenses will be provided and billed monthly.  In addition, travel time to/from client sites as well as those sites requested by the client (if in either case exceeding 15 miles transit by any means from Richmond, VA) will be billed at 50% of hourly/daily consultation rate, plus applicable expenses as noted above.  An administrative fee of 3% of billed time will be added to monthly bills to offset printing, supplies and support expenses.

Fees:    All consultants are billed at $200 per hour or $1500 per day for 8 hours of continuous time.  See above for billable expenses and travel considerations.

Billing:    Clients are billed monthly, with payment due within 30 days of invoice date.  Overdue accounts will be charged an additional 1.5%, accruing monthly, on all outstanding balances.

West Avenue Associates is a non-profit advisory service firm licensed by the Virginia Department of                   Agriculture and Consumers Services (VDACS) and is a SWaM certified business enterprise.